Savannah Sunset by Eillene Kirk

Glory of Iris Photo Contest 2017


First Place: Peyton Harris

Second Place:  Cheyenne Harris

Third Place:  Clair Knapp

Honorable Mention: Benjamin Knapp

Single orange iris bloom on black background

Adults   "Close-up" Category

First Place:  Lisa Westberry

Second Place:  Lora Watson

Third Place:  Eillene Kirk

​Honorable Mention: Eillene Kirk

The Flint River Iris Society had a successful third annual photo contest with 50 entries. Judges for this event were  Donna Rosser, the Bear Foot Photographer from Fayetteville; Don Brown, nature photographer from Pike County; and Sara Kieth, director of the Atlanta School of Photography. Many thanks to these judges.  At the awards reception, the following winners were recognized:

Adults   "In the Garden"  Category

First Place:  Sara Russell 

Second Place: Penny Wendt

​Third Place: Lisa Westberry

Honorable Mention: Sara Russell